Tell Me About It Thursdays

Tell Me About It Thursdays – New Year, New Semester!

Hello Internet!

This week was the first week of classes and it’s been an emotional roller-coaster. It feels amazing to start my major classes, but I’ve had a few setbacks.

I originally signed up for a Music Theory class that would have satisfied my “Quantitative Reasoning” requirements (can you tell I’m at a liberal arts college?) but I must have not been thinking straight when I registered because I only gave myself 10 minutes to get from my 9 AM (Global Issues in Literature) to my 10 AM (said Music Theory class), which is on the opposite side of campus. Fortunately for me, I have enough credits from my AP/DE classes in high school that I was able to drop the class and still be on track for graduation.

Another big change this semester is that I registered for a horseback riding class! I decided to start with Intermediate Riding because I rode for about 4-5 years growing up, and since I remember the basics I didn’t want to be put in a class that wouldn’t challenge me. Now here comes the funny part: I haven’t been on a horse since 8th grade. I figured that since I remember most of the important stuff like posting, grooming, and tacking that I wouldn’t have too many problems getting literally “back in the saddle”. But how wrong I was, folks. Luckily the girls in my class were beyond welcoming, and they helped me figure out the lay of the land.

Needless to say, I was extremely rusty. Keeping my heels down and my thighs to the saddle were a lot harder to do now than it used to be. Also, never EVER say that the rider doesn’t do any work because my jelly legs and boot sores can prove otherwise. I won’t be skipping leg day anytime soon! Everyone was so patient with me and I can’t thank them enough, because let’s face it, if I were in their position I don’t think I would have been even half as wonderful as they were. I was having a ball and I’m excited to rise to the challenge of being in Intermediate Riding as a total “beginner”.

The thing I was most nervous about was coming into the class and being the new girl. Everyone was already best friends and I could tell that they were wary of the new girl who hadn’t ridden in half a decade. Thankfully they didn’t ice me out from the get go, and I might have a shot at getting to know them further if I make significant progress in my riding skills. I’m lucky to have had so much guidance on my first day, because at some of the barns I took lessons at growing up they were not as kind or friendly to me.

Overall I’ve had a lot of fun in my academic classes, and some stressful encounters in my physical education course, but I’m excited to see what this semester has in store for me. I hope that this semester goes as smoothly as the last, and that I’m able to finish my Freshman year with a solid GPA!


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