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Tell Me About It Thursdays – 5 Things People Don’t Tell You About College

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(Forgive me for the poor quality of this post. I’ll be posting my review of An Ember in the Ashes soon to make up for this!)

I thought since nothing exciting happened this week, and instead of just telling you how boring my days are, I’ll tell you some things I’ve learned recently about college. Let me preface this by saying: I KNOW I’M NOT AN EXPERT ON COLLEGE! These are only 5 things that I’ve noticed in my first year. Not every school is the same, and not every person is the same. I speak only from my experience and not anyone else’s. So please do not come for me I am very sensitive.

  1. After a while you’ll get sick of dining hall food.

I know what you’re thinking, but honestly having an all-you-can-eat buffet gets old real quick. The gelato bar and cake displays are nice but most of the time it just ends up tasting like cardboard after the first semester. Being a vegetarian/vegan only quickens the onslaught of apathy towards the dining hall because there’s nothing that I can eat that isn’t a salad or a bagel. Oh, how I miss a good home-cooked meal!

2. Freshmen are fearless.

Being away from home for the first time is liberating. I can go to bed whenever I want, I can eat whatever I want, and I take whatever class I want. Unfortunately this also means that I have to do my own laundry, but that’s not the point here. With this new found freedom some people get ballsy, and they don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves. These kids will party on a Thursday night and still show up to their early class the next day. I am impressed and fearful of these individuals.

3. Books are expensive.

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard about the cost of college textbooks. You could rent an old battered copy from the bookstore and it’ll end up costing you $150. As an English major I have to buy a lot of books, and it’s a harrowing experience to drop $400 on books I might not even keep. Usually I’m fine with spending money on books, and heck, I even encourage it! But spending $90 on a French textbook I’ll only use this year is extremely vexing. As if paying 30,000 per year wasn’t enough.

4. You will feel like you’re not making enough “college memories” or “life-long college friends”.

In the last few months of senior year and the few months before I moved out the only thing I heard were stories about college. The pressure to make long lasting friends and memories was crippling. Yes, I currently have an amazing group of friends and an amazing boyfriend, but that might change as the years go by. Nothing is concrete. You have to be willing to accept that you might fall out with a few friends, or even end up on bad terms with a few, but if you go with the flow I promise that you’ll find a few good friends along the way.

5. College is intellectually challenging.

As someone who glided though high school with a 3.9 GPA I didn’t think I’d have problems in college. I rarely studied in high school, so why would I have to study now? Oh, how wrong I was. The classes I have taken are challenging, and I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process. I have learned that B’s and C’s are acceptable and pulling all-nighters aren’t as bad as people say. I have also learned that college isn’t like high school in that to get good grades you have to be determined to do whatever it takes,  even if it means sitting in the library for 3+ hours on a Friday night. College isn’t a game, and not taking it seriously is a waste of both your time and money. Hanging out with friends and partying is great, but you need to know when it’s time to turn your phone off and get work done.

These were the 5 things I’ve learned about college in my first year! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors as I am half asleep. As always I appreciate constructive criticism, and I would love to know what you all want to hear from me!

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