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Tell Me About It Thursday – Life Update!

Hello Internet!

I have been doing a lot of “themed” TMAiT’s and I thought that it’s been a while since I’ve posted a life update!

The past couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful, and I’m not complaining at all. The most exciting part of my day is when I get back to my dorm and either read, or head to horseback riding. I have been following an awesome schedule and I feel great! I exercise everyday (except Saturdays) whether it be going to the gym with my friend, or riding horses. I have noticed that since I started working out and riding I’ve been happier and more energetic!

The lesson I had today was amazing. Since it’s been warm and sunny here, we were able to have our lesson outside! We started out in a field near the barn by just trotting and cantering in a pack, and felt amazing. I was having a total Merida from Brave moment. It was so much fun joking and laughing with the other girls, and I will cherish that memory. Afterwards we headed to the outdoor ring and jumped, which I’m actually getting good at! Going to the gym has definitely improved my riding skills.

I also started King’s Cage this week, and I’m only 200 pages in right now but wow does Victoria Aveyard know how to write! I love the depth of her characters, and of course that Hillary Rodham Clinton quote in the front!

Due to the fluctuating weather I caught a cold! Well, I guess it helped that both my roommate and my boyfriend are sick, too. I’m annoyed because Spring Break is in a week and I would like to spend at least one of my breaks being healthy and happy. Hopefully if I just chug some DayQuil everything will be okay…

Hopefully next week’s post will be a bit longer, and will hopefully be followed by a review of King’s Cage!


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