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Tell Me About It Thursday – How to Deal with Criticism

Hello, Internet!


I decided to theme this week’s post with a topic that I think is relevant for all the writers and reviewers out there. I’m not a published author, nor am I internet famous, but I have dealt with constructive criticism on my writing in classes and from my peers and professors. Here are three tips I have that will help you take constructive criticism if you’re a sensitive bean like me!


Tip #1: Separate yourself from your work.

This is pretty obvious, but it’s the first step to dealing with any and all criticism you may encounter throughout your career. I believe that my writing is an extension of myself in a creative sense, but once I print it or allow others to read it I have to say to myself: “It’s okay, there’s nothing you can do at this point. You’ll just have to listen to what they say and fix it later” to help myself take a step back and detach my self-worth from my writing for a while. It’s hard to do, but if you want others to read your work you’re going to have to improve, and constructive criticism is a necessity for improvement.


Tip #2: Have a good cry.

Yeah, you heard me. Let it out if you need to. Just cry for a good ten minutes then get back to work. You’re allowed to be upset, and as I stated earlier your writing should be an extension of yourself which means that it can be hard to let people in and have them react negatively. What you need to realize is that they’re not trying to hurt you and they want you to improve. Rome wasn’t built in a day and practice makes perfect! (Could I have been any cheesier? You get the picture though, right?)


Tip #3: Know that you can always change your work.

This even applies to works you’ve submitted for class! If you re-read what you wrote and didn’t like it, change it! So what if your professor won’t see your improvement, you will and that’s all that matters. However, these changes should be for your own peace of mind, not anyone else’s. You should learn to find solace in the fact that you can change your work whenever you want, however you want, and as often as you want. Unless you’ve already published it, then you might want to have a few glasses of wine to forget how cringey you once were.


Did that help? Probably not. Anyway, the next week and a half will be crazy busy, so I might be late on posting reviews of Lover RevealedSounds Like Me: My Life in Song, and The Crowns of Croswald. Don’t worry my child, they’re on their way. Thank you so much for sitting in on my rambling, hopefully I’ll find some new music for you to listen to next week. Or not. We’ll see.


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