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Tell Me About It Thursday – “Bookstagrammer” Tag!

Hello Internet!

As many of you know, I’m a bookstagrammer! No, that isn’t some knock-off version of Instagram for cat ladies. Bookstagram is just a cute name for the community of book bloggers and book lovers that post pictures of books! Since we’re coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my bookstagram, I figured that It would be cool to do the “Bookstagrammer” Tag! (I stumbled across this on bookstagram, so thank you @honeydukesbooks!)

  1. When did you start your account?

I started my bookstagram account during the spring break of my senior year of high school. At that point in my life I wanted an outlet to express my love for books, yet I was afraid of what my friends on my personal account would think of me. I don’t remember the exact date of its creation because I went through a huge removal process when I decided on a theme. So, I guess the whole month of March and April are my anniversaries.

2. What do you use to take pictures?

I have tried everything. I have taken pictures with my mom’s nice camera, but those never really worked out. I used Snapchat in the beginning and boy did I realize how bad of an idea that was! I finally decided to use my iPhone camera since I can’t afford a fancy camera, and the camera app provides me with quality photos that I’m satisfied with. I edit my pictures using the VSCO app.

3. How did you choose your name?

This one’s the fun question! I used to post personal posts on my personal tumblr and I would tag them as if I were speaking about myself in the third person. So, if I posted about reading, I’d tag it “#emma reads for fun” and I guess it just stuck! I like my name because it’s not common, and there’s no confusion as to what my blog is about.

4. How often do you post?

I post every day unless I run out of pre-edited pictures. I tend to have photo shoots where I take about 10-15 photos and alternate posting them with pictures from previous photo shoots. I do this because my theme requires a certain kind of lighting which I can only get when it’s cloudy or rainy. And I’m really lazy.

5. Would you participate in a challenge?

I’m not sure! I’m not familiar with many challenges, and I would probably forget that I was participating in one about half-way through. I might try one this Christmas season though!

6. What’s your favorite thing about the community?

THE PEOPLE! I have made so many bookstagram friends, and I’m beyond happy and lucky that I’ve gotten close with a few. I love sharing recommendations and receiving recommendations, and fangirling over characters and authors. It’s an awesome way to make friends that have the same interests as you, and if you’re a bookstagrammer and want to reach out to me please do! The more the merrier!

Here’s a few other bookstagrammers I love:

@erins_library (Erin, I had to put you first! I’m so glad I met you, and I hope to finally meet up once I’m done with school.)

@suzbooks (Suzanne is the greatest. I had so much fun taking bookstagram pics with you! Round 2 when I get back??)

@brightbiblio (Another wonderful VA bookstagrammer! If you love contemporary romance, you’ll love her!)

@ash.reads (Her photos are gorgeous. I adore the quality and theme she’s got going on!)

@thebookishbeaver (I love her theme, it’s honestly GOALS!)

@herpaperadventure (I LOVE YOUR THEME! Her photos are beautiful and the aesthetic I strive for, but never end up achieving.)

@katieelizabeth_reads (Another theme goal! I love how cozy yet clear her photos are.)

@harleyisreading (Her feed is so colorful and cute. I adore her style and “pops” of color!)

@polish_novels (A fellow Sarah J. Maas fan with radical hair! Her nails are always on point and I’m jealous.)

*******DISCLAIMER: None of them asked for me to give them shout-outs. I decided to give them shout-outs because I believe that they post quality content, and are awesome human beings.

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