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Tell Me About It Thursday – Back to School

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The past few weeks have been nothing short of stressful, but isn’t that the whole point of college?  I thought that taking 18 credits would be manageable with all the free time that I have now, and boy how wrong I was. I spend at least 3-6 hours every day reading and writing – which wouldn’t be bad if I were doing it for my own enjoyment. I don’t mind reading 15 pages of poetry or writing a free-verse poem, but 100 pages of Russian history reading or linguistics makes me reconsider my life choices. Needless to say, this is going to be a rough semester.

Last Saturday my roommate and I were able to go to the Independent Book Festival that was being held Downtown and we met so many awesome local indie authors! We had loads of fun talking to the authors (and fangirling over J. R. Ward – shoutout to Kimberly Kincaid and Avery Flynn!) and eating super greasy food-truck food. I was able to get three books and I’m so excited to read them next month!


What I’ve been reading…

So lately I’ve been listening to a ton of audiobooks. Mainly Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody (review is up! – check it out here) and Sara Bareilles’s Sounds Like Me: My Life in Song. Sara Bareilles sings snippets of her songs live before each chapter, so you already know this audiobook will get a great review. I like audiobooks because I listen to them while walking around campus or while I study. They’re great because I usually listen to podcasts and every half hour or so I have to find another podcast to listen to but with audiobooks I can let them play for hours while I study or write. Plus, audiobooks are great when I don’t have time to read because they make me feel productive.

I read two books this month, and I’m hoping to squeeze in Lover Revealed before the week is over. September has been a very slow reading month for me since I’ve been working my butt off almost every day. I’ve also been in a huge reading slump for most of the month so I’m slowly but surely recovering from that terrible state, too. I’d like to read more books in October, but who knows how much reading I’ll be able to do with midterms just around the corner.


What I’ve been listening to…

When I’m not listening to audiobooks I tend to play my Spotify playlists that I listen to when I write or study. When I write blog posts I tend to listen to a lot of Hozier and Vance Joy, and when I work on my book I listen to video game and movie soundtracks. I’ll include a few of my favorites below!


  1. From Eden by Hozier:
  2. Cherry Wine by Hozier:
  3. Georgia by Vance Joy:
  4. Son of Time/Song of Storms from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:
  5. The Sixth Station from Spirited Away:
  6. This wonderful violin cover of the Gerudo Valley theme:
  7. Game of Thrones main title:
  8. I See Fire by Ed Sheeran:
  9. Misty Mountains from The Hobbit:
  10. The Lost Woods theme from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:


I hope you all enjoyed this little peek into my personal life! I’ll be posting a review of Lover Revealed by the end of this week, so check my Instagram for updates! Links below~


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