Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick (Audiobook review)

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I’ve been inactive for the past few months and the only decent excuse that I have is that I was reading… oops? There will be more about that in this week’s Tell Me About It Thursday so stay tuned! Anyway, let’s get into this review~


Scrappy Little Nobody is Anna Kendrick’s autobiography where she writes about her childhood and discusses her career as an actress and Broadway star. Yeah, you heard me. Kendrick was singing way before she was Beca in the much-adored movie Pitch Perfect. I’ll have to admit that I listened to the audiobook instead of reading a hard copy, cue the disgusted gasps, but I’ve been in the worst book slump and I needed a good audiobook to jumpstart me out of that dreadful state. I loved that Anna Kendrick actually narrated the book because it made the whole situation feel like a really long gossip session at a sleepover. You know, the good ones where you stay up past midnight and share your deepest, darkest secrets. Just girly things!


Anna Kendrick has the best sense of humor ever. Her analogies and insults made me laugh to the point of tears many, many times. She’s got this dry, sarcastic humor and isn’t afraid to say what she wants. She openly talks about sex and break-ups but makes it the funniest thing you’ve ever heard in your life. The situation that really cracked me up was when she talked about kissing scenes in the movies she’s filmed. She mentioned how she ended up kissing her childhood crush (no names, of course) and out of the blue she squeals “I KISSED LEGOLAS!” and needless to say, we all knew exactly who she was talking about after that. I may or may not be insanely jealous.


This book was not only hilarious but she also talked about the less-pretty parts of her life. She tells the truth of her childhood and how hard it was to be a child Broadway star and later in adulthood when even though she had starred in hit movies like Into the Woods and Twilight she still struggled to pay rent. Kendrick wrote about how she and her father had to move into an apartment in New York so that she could be apart of shows like Annie without having to worry about commuting from Maine to Manhattan for rehearsals. Not only did it put a strain on her education, but it also separated her from her family for weeks at a time. When she said that she’d been in Twilight yet still slept on a cheap Ikea bed it opened my eyes to just how hard it is to become an actress. Not like I’m suddenly going to be auditioning for the next Pitch Perfect anytime soon, even though I’m a decent mezzo and would rock the hell out those neck scarves. After listening to Scrappy Little Nobody  I have a new-found respect for Anna Kendrick and actresses in general.


I hope you all enjoyed my review of Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick! I’ll also be posting a review of Lover Revealed by J. R. Ward as soon as I’m finished with it. Also, I recently hit 900 followers on Instagram, so naturally I’ve started planning a 1k giveaway! More info on that to come, but if you’re interested please feel free to message me! Links below~


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