King’s Cage Review (SPOILERS)

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Let’s all have moment of silence for my sanity. I still haven’t recovered from this book.

First off, I really enjoyed the character development we see in Maven. It is very obvious that Maven is still recovering from his mother’s influences, and he seemed conflicted throughout the entire book. Maven is an awful person who did a lot of horrible things, but he was one of the most interesting characters in the book. I loved how we got a closer look on the inner-workings of Maven’s mind and his confusion when it comes to Mare, his feelings, and the future of Norta. Since we didn’t see much of him in Glass Sword, it was good to see him “grow” in King’s Cage.

So, I guess we’re allowed to like Evangeline now? Honestly, I’ve always loved Evangeline because she’s dangerous and she knows it. She’s smart and cunning. A total Slytherin. What I loved most about the progression of Evangeline’s character is her sexuality. It is never made taboo, and it is never criticized. It is carefully woven into the story and is not depicted in a negative light, as many authors write LGBTQIA+ characters. I adored that she didn’t really want to be a queen. Sure, she wanted a crown and a title, but she was much happier as a princess with Elane and Ptolemus. I was very upset when she was forcibly betrothed to Cal, again. I hope everything works out for her and Elane in RQ#4.

The ending of this book ruined me. Victoria Aveyard is the queen of killer cliffhangers. She always builds up romance throughout the book, only to destroy it to itty-bitty pieces in the last 100 pages. I can’t even predict what will happen in the next book because of the ending and that epilogue. I can usually tell where an author is leaning, but in these books it’s nearly impossible. It’s first established that the Silvers are the “bad guys”, but later in the series the Scarlet Guard seems like a less favorable option to Silver rule. My point is that it’s hard to pick the “good side” and makes you question your morals. Do you side with the Silvers and their classism, or Reds and their absolutism?

I really enjoyed this book. Leave a comment telling me what you thought of King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard! I’ll be posting a review of Ensnared by Rita Stradling soon!


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